A Distinguished Gentleman

www.indiewireI’ve interviewed Ralph Fiennes before — specifically, in 2011 when he brought¬†Coriolanus to TIFF. That film was coiled, explosive, and overpowering, and Fiennes was appropriately intense.

His new directorial effort,¬†The Invisible Woman, is a much calmer and composed work — at least until you realize it’s all about the emotions the characters are desperately trying to repress.

But Fiennes was more relaxed and thoughtful this time around, sitting down at TIFF 2013 for a quiet conversation about Charles Dickens, script development and a few other things.

The picture’s release was bumped to next Friday as we were putting the issue to bed, so I know I’m tantalizing you with a movie you can’t see for another week. Blame Mongrel Media.

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