A Child’s Garden of Basterds

Well, I'm sure this here knife is a reference to somethingAh, “Inglourious Basterds”, as problematic as you are provocative. (Seriously, just check out the comments being posted under my review.) And, like any Tarantino movie, you’re just about bursting with nods to the director’s influences — some Aldrich here, some Pabst there, and of course there’s always room for giallo.

With my latest Sympatico/MSN movie gallery, I do my part to break it down a little for the newbies. But I barely scratched the surface — I mean, the section on Dario Argento could just as well have been expanded to cover Mario Bava and Brian de Palma, too.

Oh, well. World enough, and time … and I have neither, at the moment. Don’t you know there’s a festival on?

2 thoughts on “A Child’s Garden of Basterds”

  1. Just who is going to be held responsinle when some peckerhead in the real word uses a baseball bat the same way that one is used in this movie. I hope everyone with a finacial stake has to pay.

  2. Well, in the movie the baseball bat is used exclusively to kill Nazis, so I would assume it’d be pretty hard to do that in the real world these days.

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