A Changing of the Guard

3bbd06cefc72ee402c50b750bdddcb85497c6af4American Sniper is no longer the number-one movie in North America, and we may all thank SpongeBob SquarePants for dethroning it.

The happy yellow guy’s second feature film enjoyed a $56 million opening weekend, knocking Clint Eastwood’s freak blockbuster down to second place with a still-really-impressive $24.2 million. And American Sniper‘s fourth-weekend gross was still more than enough to beat Jupiter Ascending‘s $19 million opening, marking a real gut punch to the Wachowskis’ goony space opera.

Seventh Son made a piddly $7.1 million to take fourth place, while Paddington chugged cheerfully along in fifth with $5.37 million. Not heroic numbers, no, but enough for a boatload of marmalade sandiwiches.

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