$59 Million

Whoops! Some of the money almost got away there… on a Friday.

Which is huge.

Which means the opening weekend’s gross will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $140 or $150 million.

Which means that this little bit of speculation over at The Onion AV Club was kinda premature. Still a good read, though.

Also a good read, if one that’s horribly unnerving: The New York Times has a fascinating, horrifying expose about the way the Chinese business practice of counterfeiting merchandise led directly to the deaths of “thousands, perhaps tens of thousands” of people — through the substitution of poisonous diethylene glycol for pharmaceutical -grade glycerin, used in cough syrups, cold medication and the like all over the world.

I’m sure Dan Glickman’s MPAA will find a way to tie it in with DVD piracy, somehow …