This week on Someone Else’s Movie, my guest is Edge of Winter director Rob Connolly, who takes a slice out of his press schedule to come by the studio and talk about Robert Zemeckis’ Who Framed Roger Rabbit and its influence on his career.

This makes the third Zemeckis movie to land on the show, after Matt Austin Sadowski chose Back to the Future and Andrew Cividino went for Contact. And I can see the appeal: Zemeckis makes films that just bristle with ideas, and it’s no surprise that filmmakers would be drawn to and inspired by his work. I’d really love to get him on the show someday; the guy’s a great interview.

Find it on iTunesGoogle Play and Stitcher, or get it right from the source. And here’s a fun fact: Edge of Winter was shot under the title Backcountry, which had to be changed when Adam Macdonald’s bear-attack movie made it out first. And as you may recall, Adam did the podcast as well. So both Backcountry directors are friends of the show! Isn’t that cool?

… well, I think it’s cool.

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