250 SEMcasts, Somehow

I’m as surprised as anyone to see Someone Else’s Movie reach its 250th episode. Milestones are meaningless and all that, but … well, it feels pretty good to be able to look at my goofy little podcast and see how much of it there is. (And how much of it is pretty good, if I do say so myself.)

It’s also our  Halloween episode, so naturally I brouht Brett and Drew Pierce, the filmmaking brothers whose very good new thriller The Wretched  just screened at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, on to talk about Tom Holland’s delightful 1985 creature feature Fright Night. You know, the one where Chris Sarandon plays a suave bloodsucker named Jerry, and Roddy McDowall is the creature-feature host whom young Charley Brewster recruits to help him battle the monster next door. It’s a really fun movie that somehow failed to get its due, and as much as I enjoyed the 2011 remake, it can’t lay a fang on the original.

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