You’ll Take It and Like It!

It's important not to look too sinister when hatching plotsLooking for something to fill your empty winter nights? You might want to drop down to the Revue this evening for the first instalment of a five-part lecture series, “Roads to Perdition: The Dark Allure of Film Noir“, presented by my good friend Kevin Courrier. He’s starting tonight by examining the evolution of the genre as an outgrowth of American anxiety in the war years.

(Kevin makes an excellent argument that “It’s a Wonderful Life” is one of the first true noirs, at least stylistically — and would have been acclaimed as such decades ago, if not for that upbeat ending.)

In other, considerably less serious matters, MSN asked me to take a look at the new year’s movie calendar … and it’s scary, man. It’s really scary.

4 thoughts on “You’ll Take It and Like It!”

  1. Did nobody notice when they approved the Red Riding Hood movie that pitting Red Riding Hood against werewolves has already been done recently, with Whedon alum Felicia Day. It wasn’t great, but it was free on TV. (And screw the Mel Gibson movie. I want one of those hand puppets!)

  2. One for the Money is based on the first in a very popular book series. I’m sure the fans will come out to see it, even if they are (like my wife) incredibly dubious about Katherine Heigl being cast.

  3. @Josh – Don’t be so sure the fans will go see it. I didn’t clue in until your comment that this was from the Evanovich books. Aside from not liking Heigl much, she’s badly miscast as Stephanie Plum. You couldn’t pay me enough to go see it. Not even if Rex the hamster is turned into an adorable CGI ninja assasin. (I always thought Rex deserved his own book.)

  4. I fully agree with Josh! I’m a big Stephanie Plum fan…..just really hoping the movie does the books justice! I don’t really picture Katherine Heigl in this roll, but perhaps we’ll see she is an actress!

    I resent the fact that the critique blindly compared this to “The Bounty Hunter” which it has nothing to do with and I believe it is misleading to the public who are not familiar with Evanovich novels.

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