You Have to Admire the Commitment

If I looked like this, I'd drink tooBreaking news: Josh Brolin, Jeffrey Wright and five other people have been arrested in Shreveport, Louisiana following a bar fight.

Brolin’s and Wright’s compatriots are reportedly members of the crew of “W”, Oliver Stone’s already controversial biography of George W. Bush, which is shooting in Shreveport.

Brolin has the title role in the film. (Wright plays Colin Powell.) I’m kind of curious; are you allowed to plead “getting into character” to a misdemeanor in Louisiana?

Five bucks says it’d fly in Texas …

2 thoughts on “You Have to Admire the Commitment”

  1. And to grab Court TV viewers, Oliver Stone should be in the front row of the courtroom wrapped in the “Mission Accomplished” banner. Any publicity…

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