Yes, More Oscar Stuff.

I'm a-comin' for you, AMPASStill growling quietly over who was and wasn’t nominated for an Oscar this year? I have a little list, which I share in my latest MSN Movies gallery this weekend.

I mean, Robert Duvall in “Get Low“. Seriously, how do you overlook Robert Duvall, especially when he’s playing a scary hermit who learns to love?

Okay, I’m oversimplifying the movie a little, but the argument still stands.

(“Get Low” comes to disc on February 22nd. Think they were counting on something?)

2 thoughts on “Yes, More Oscar Stuff.”

  1. Do you think the Academy would have done better to increase the acting categories to 10 nominations each and leave Best Picture to an elite 5? People can easily pick out the 5 movies that actually stand a chance, and a greater number of “small” movies would stand a chance at an acting nomination than scoring a million-to-one shot at best picture. I understand that business considerations are involved, and a nomination is expected to increase business, theater or DVD, for a movie, but wouldn’t an acting nomination accomplish the same thing?

  2. Well, the Golden Globes effectively have ten acting nominations for Best Actor and Best Actress, but of course they’re a joke.

    I think opening up the number of Oscar nominations would just create an even noisier campaign season — and as I’ve argued elsewhere, all you’re really doing is adding five more losers.

    I therefore think the Academy should roll Best Picture back to five, but that’s not going to happen any time soon …

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