Werner Herzog Is The Man

Can you prove it didn't happen?I’d heard about this a few months ago, but only just found the video: Werner Herzog is shot with an air rifle or a BB gun during an interview by some off-camera jackass, and handles the incident with something that can only be described as panache.

Great footage — particularly the second half of the piece, when the interviewer tries to play up the shooting and Herzog genially refuses to go along with him (“It was not a significant bullet”), finally laughing it off to change the subject.

Here is a man I would happily stalk through a film festival, just for the off-chance he’d start telling me stories. The guys at the Onion AV Club seem to have felt the same way, posting an entertaining interview with him despite the utter absence of a news peg.

Well, I guess “Rescue Dawn” is coming out in a month or so …

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