Too Quiet, Really

Just two movies opening this weekend, and only one of them screened in advance for press. Ah, well.

Promised Land: Matt Damon and Gus Van Sant reunite for what seems to have been intended as a socially conscious project about hydraulic fracking, corporate mendacity and the struggle for the soul of America. But it didn’t quite pan out.

Texas Chainsaw 3D: Honestly, I can’t see the point in leaving out the “massacre” part. (Maybe they were trying to trick the ratings board into considering a PG-13?) Phil’s on the case, and I’ll link to his review when it goes up.

And there, that’s it! I’d have more to say about stuff, but I’m deep in the prep for that TFCA gala I mentioned yesterday. Bear with me over the next little while, and normal service will resume before you know it.

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