The Last Friday of January

Traditionally, the studios take it easy this so their Oscar-nominated titles can enjoy a boost in attendance. But there’s some stuff coming out that’s worth a look — as well as some stuff that isn’t.

Wizard hands, dear reader

Chef Flynn: Cooking prodigy doc; far too kind.

Cold War: Simple, stark, devastating and Oscar-nominated.

Dead Ant: Has-been rockers shouldn’t do peyote.

The Image Book: Godard’s still angry about … everything, really. [Kevin]

The Kid Who Would Be King: Arthurian children’s fantasy is rather fun.

Racetime: Quebecois CG comedy, now in English.

Serenity: McConaughey! Hathaway! Clarke! Knight! Twist! Disaster! [Rad]

This Mountain Life: Like Free Solo, but with walking.

And that is everything. Have you picked up First Man now that it’s on Blu-ray? No? Why not?

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