Thank You, Hormones

Yup, it happened. Breaking Dawn, Part 2 made all the money in the world over the weekend, earning $141.3 million domestically (and another $199.6 million overseas) to knock that Bond guy out of the top spot at the box-office — and score the eighth biggest North American opening in history, just behind New Moon and just ahead of Breaking Dawn, Part 1.

More importantly, its success proves once again that fans of the Twilight saga cannot be reasoned with or bargained with, and absolutely will not stop until we are all dead.

… okay, I’m just being mean here; this was easily the best entry in  the series, apparently because it deviates the most profoundly from Stephenie Meyer’s text. But really, the books are terrible and the first four movies aren’t much better, and people really need to find better things upon which to fixate.

Hey, how about that Bond guy? Sure, there are a lot of the same regressive sexual issues, but at least things tend to happen in his movies 

One thought on “Thank You, Hormones”

  1. I finally caught up with the first half of Breaking Dawn over the weekend (the fun of mocking these movies isn’t worth actually paying for). As bad as it was, and it was bad in all kinds of ways, at least by not having Bella’s interior monologue of the book they got rid of two zero-self-esteem moments that bothered me immensely, namely
    1. Post bruising wedding night, Edward doesn’t ask if he hurt her in the book…he sees her covered with bruises and looks horrified. She sees the horrified look and WONDERS WHAT SHE DID WRONG!?!
    2. After the vampire venom injection, while she’s going through the long, agonizing transformation, Bella deliberately doesn’t make a sound BECAUSE THAT WOULD MAKE EDWARD FEEL BAD!?!

    I know I’m preaching to the choir, and I know a lot of teenage girls will romanticize anything, but how do they not see this as a textbook abusive relationship? Is there anything as skeevy in the final movie as Jacob imprinting on Renesmee?

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