“Sorry, Middle America.”

American idolToday in essential cultural commentary, The AV Club’s Sean O’Neal takes a look at Charlie Sheen’s ABC interview with Andrea Canning, and comes to the frankly brilliant realization that Sheen isn’t a caricature of batshit-crazy Hollywood entitlement — he’s Kenny Powers.

Of course, Kenny Powers has better impulse control, and he’s probably never going to kill anybody. And Kenny Powers is, of course, fictional. Charlie Sheen, not so much … though he certainly seems to be working on turning himself into the next Chuck Norris.

You know: Charlie Sheen doesn’t do cocaine. He is cocaine. And so forth.

… yeah, this won’t end well.

2 thoughts on ““Sorry, Middle America.””

  1. I’ll admit to tuning in to the train wreck last night. I don’t think he’s just spouting the batshit crazy stuff that’s in some celebrity heads (like I think Tom Cruise was a few years ago). He’s manic. (I have lived at different times with two people with bipolar disorder. My opinion is based on observational experience, not any sort of credentials.) Whether he’s bipolar or has done damage to his neurologic system through his self-perceived “epicness” is for a competent professional to decide, if he ever has the sense to allow one to evaluate him. I feel for his family and don’t intend to watch the train wreck anymore. It’s not entertaining; it’s sad.

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