Short Takes

I’m pressed for time today, so let’s do another round of six-word reviews. You know, for kicks.

“Anonymous”: Shakespeare. From the director of “Godzilla”. [Glenn]

“Atlas Shrugged, Part One”: Objectivists don’t bother with press screenings.

Buck“: The real horse whisperer is amazing.

“Cell 211”: Guard impersonates prisoner during riot! Intense!

“Inni”: Sigur Ros trills in London arena. [Andy]

In Time“: Time really is money, Justin Timberlake!

Martha Marcy May Marlene“: Recovery drama won’t be shaken off.

“Puss in Boots”: Shrek’s kitty gets his own prequel. [Andy]

The Rum Diary“: Johnny Depp boozes truth to power.

“The Skin I Live In”: Almodovar and Banderas reunite, get freaky. [Rad]

“Sophie”: Like “Water for Elephants”, but Canadian. [Susan]

“Straight to Hell Returns”: Alex Cox tweaks his 1987 oddity. [Phil]

There, that was fun. And now, back to work …

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