Sayonara, 2007

It burns! It burns!I don’t ascribe much significance to New Year’s Eve. It’s just the last day on the calendar. Tomorrow, we’ll wake up, and things will be more or less exactly where we left them, only with a different number on the end of our cheques. Those of us who live and work in Canada will have to remember that the GST drops a point, to the much more easily calculated 5%. That’s about it.

If I had to sum up this year — and apparently I do — I’d say it’s one I’ll be happy to see the back of. It’s been fraught with deaths and marked by personal and professional uncertainty … and though things finally appear to be settling down, I’d have said that a couple of weeks ago, too. And then, of course, John died.

So: Screw you, 2007! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

Oh, and did I mention I’m turning forty in 2008? Yeah, this year’s gonna be awesome.

3 thoughts on “Sayonara, 2007”

  1. Happy New Year Norman. My condolences on your recent loss. I admire your attitude to the outgoing year – myself and several other friends feel the same for a variety of wretched reasons. One piece of advice for the new year…you might want to aggresively kick forty in the ass…it’s a tough and sneaky adversary.

  2. Hey Norm, I went to Rye High with you! Stumbled across you on the web and thought I’d say hello. Tonya Gillard

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