Rock Me, Kevin Costner

You know, he's actually decent at thisI know I say this a lot, but I have a really weird life.

At 8:30 am yesterday morning, I sat down with Kevin Costner to discuss his upcoming movie, “Swing Vote”.

Thirteen hours later, I’m watching him sing Southern-fried rock at the Phoenix with his band, Modern West, surrounded by middle-aged women, drunken frat boys, and thirtysomething hipsters trying to decide whether they were having an ironic experience, or just a good time.

I reviewed the show for NOW, because what the hell.

Oh, and one piece of advice to all you aspiring journalists out there: When an Oscar-winner puts you on his guest list, you say “thank you”, and you bring your camera.

2 thoughts on “Rock Me, Kevin Costner”

  1. So where is your review of the movie “Swing Vote”? And is KC as genuin as he seems in person? Thanks!

  2. The interview arrangement means I’m honor-bound to sit on the review until August 1st. And Costner did seem like a pretty genuine guy, though that may have been because none of us brought up “Mr. Brooks”.

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