Raw Fish and Big Dorks

This week’s MSN DVD column tackles “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”, a documentary I didn’t get to review on its theatrical release but have been waiting to talk about for months. Watch it with the knowledge that whatever you eat afterward will be very, very disappointing.

(One thing, though: “Jiro” is not available on Blu-ray in Canada, which is a shame, since a high-def transfer would really bring out the rich, glistening texture of Jiro’s creations. You can, however, order it from Amazon’s US site.)

And if you feel like going out tonight instead of watching a movie at home, why not join me down at Harbourfront for this week’s Free Flicks presentation, “Napoleon Dynamite“? Sure, it’s more freak-show than narrative, but the jokes are great and that’s Mac from “Veronica Mars” as the love interest. And like I said, free movie. Shall I save you a seat?

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