People Love an Underdolphin

In the only time a dolphin will ever beat a lion at anything, “Dolphin Tale” surged to first place at the box-office this weekend, earning $14.2 million to depose “The Lion King”, which dropped to third with $11.1 million. “Moneyball” held onto second place with a $12.5 million gross.

I doubt Disney is moping about the results. The nearly $80 million the “Lion King” reissue has pulled in thus far is a nice little bonus for what was originally intended as a limited run to drum up interest in tomorrow’s Blu-ray release. The real surprise is how poorly all of this week’s debuting films fared — “50/50” placed fourth with $8.85 million, “Dream House” stumbled into sixth with $8.2 million and “What’s Your Number” flatlined in eighth place with $5.6 million, despite being surprisingly good. I guess Anna Faris needs to keep searching for that breakthrough role.

Maybe she should make a movie with a seal in it.

2 thoughts on “People Love an Underdolphin”

  1. I’m really surprised by the critical shellacking on that one — it’s funny, it’s self-aware and it builds directly on the work Faris did in “The House Bunny”. I can’t understand why no one else gets it.

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