Oh, Sweetie, No.

And here I was thinking things couldn't get any worseThe Onion AV Club, in its inimitable fashion, reports that Guy Ritchie has been handed the reins of Warner’s “reimagining” of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. Oh, and he’s not just directing the project, he’s writing it as well.

That’s right. After “Revolver” and “Swept Away”, people are still letting Guy Ritchie write movies.

Now, while there will surely be some pleasure to be had in seeing Jason Statham play Watson — and I assume Vinnie Jones will play Moriarty — I can’t really see the production working on any actual, quantifiable level of goodness.

Besides, we’ve already got a reimagining of Sherlock Holmes, and it’s worked out pretty well for everybody so far.

6 thoughts on “Oh, Sweetie, No.”

  1. Vicodin instead of cocaine…Wilson instead of Watson…piano and guitar instead of violin…and his own group of Bow Street residents. Brilliant Norm…the game is afoot. I would put Cuddy in the place of Inspector Lestrade, so who is Moriarty? The Grim Reaper himself?

  2. that’s *gorgeous,* my dear mr. wilner. i actually yelled, “brilliant!” when i saw where the link led. even the great holmesian revivification works: i’m sure i saw an episode where dr. h. hits the bricks and then comes back?

  3. I can take no credit for this — the show’s made it pretty clear from the start. (House’s apartment number is even 221B.)

    Now, the theory that Wilson’s character started off as the ghost of a dead colleague only House could see, and was shifted to a fully engaged, living character about four episodes in — that’s all mine, baby!

  4. I never noticed the apartment number, and I’m a Holmes fan, though not an obsessive one. Lupus…brilliant! Now…how do we suggest to the writers of the show an episode where lupus pushes House over the equivalent of Reichenback Falls? It would make a great season cliffhanger, and we know he comes back.

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