Mothers and Daughters

Yeah, yeah, Father’s Day just happened — but you know how it works on Someone Else’s Movie, the guest picks the film.

And it turns out that Shayelin Martin, who stars in Wild Goat Surf as a teenager determined to surf in the Pacific, is a massive theater kid, and Phyllida Lloyd’s Mamma Mia! is her go-to comfort movie … so we were off on a bouncy, ABBA-inflected conversation about Amanda Seyfried’s ebullience, Pierce Brosnan’s bellowing and the  absolute joy of Meryl Streep enjoying herself in front of a camera.

We talked about some other stuff too, but I’m not going to spoil it all for you. You can find the podcast at the usual locations — Apple PodcastsGoogle PlaySpotify — or just download the episode directly from the web, and listen to it while spying on the three men who might be your dad. (See? It’s Father’s Day after all.)

Regrettably, the Shiny Things publication schedule has slowed again, so all I got out last week was is a look at Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire and The King Tide, a great big kaiju blockbuster and a tiny, eerie drama. But there’s a lot more coming. Have you subscribed? It helps if you subscribe.

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