Mistakes were Made

Finding this still was my penanceYes, Vondie Curtis-Hall directed “Glitter”.

You know, as I was finishing my Sympatico/MSN piece about actors who become film directors, I even went back and double-checked Curtis-Hall’s IMDb page … and I swear I didn’t see the listing. It’s there now, of course, as well as his directorial credit for this year’s “Waist Deep” … but seriously, he was only credited as a writer for “Waist Deep” when I looked.

So either I’m far more exhausted post-TIFF than I realized, and slipping up … or someone is hacking the IMDb. I can certainly understand someone wanting to expunge all mention of “Glitter” from his filmography, but “Waist Deep”? I heard that one was okay. And surely Vondie Curtis-Hall has better things to do with his money than hire someone to Wikipediafy the Web.

Other things that seem weird today: The Rock’s disposable family comedy “The Game Plan” (reviewed here) made a lot of money over the weekend — more money than the one about America kicking terrorist ass. Perhaps we really have turned that corner.