Make the Talking Stop!

Look at all the people I’ve interviewed for this week’s NOW! Just look at them!

There’s William Friedkin and Emile Hirsch, director and star of “Killer Joe”; there’s Rodrigo Cortes and Cillian Murphy, director and star of “Red Lights”. And over there? That’s Tony Gilroy, director and screenwriter of “The Bourne Legacy”.

That’s a lot of transcription. And you all know how much I hate transcription, so you know what a pain this week has therefore been. But guess what? Next week, I’m looking atĀ fourĀ more.

I hate everything right now.

One thought on “Make the Talking Stop!”

  1. Transcription is a fine and noble profession*.

    A medical transcriptionist

    *8 hours a day, at least 5 days a week, and I bet actors and directors use normal words and don’t say “erythematous and edematous” when they mean “red and swollen.” On the other hand, I get to just see the movies I want to see. Nobody makes me go see horrible movies as part of my job.

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