Long-Time, First-Time

I’ve been enjoying Jordan Heath-Rawlings’ The Big Story for a while now — it’s a daily news podcast that offers a short but very informative dive into a single pressing topic, usually through an interview with a journalist. And on today’s episode, that journalist is me!

Jordan and I discussed the rise of remake culture to its current state of absolute dominance, and why that dominance is unlikely to end any time soon. It’s basically a perfect storm of supply and demand, which makes me wonder why no one’s tried to remake The Perfect Storm yet. You should listen! It’s a good episode, I think.

Also, on the NOW site, please check out the latest installments of Superhero Nonsense!, in which I put the early buzz for the Aquaman movie in its larger context, and our weekly screening spotlight, which lands on Saturday night’s presentation of The Last Pogo Jumps Again at the Revue Cinema. It’s a pretty good movie. You should check it out.

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