James Gandolfini, and Everything Else

GandolfiniSo, yeah, James Gandolfini died yesterday. He was 51. It counts as shocking. Here’s the appreciation I wrote about him for NOW, if you missed the tweets. Also: God dammit.

In considerably less awful news, I got to talk to Dave Foley this week … nearly a quarter-century after first seeing him with the rest of the Kids in the Hall at a first-season taping of their CBC show. He’s in Monsters University, and his standup special premieres in the US tomorrow. Delightful man.

We’re also repurposing my Hot Docs Q&A with Sebastian Junger, now that his documentary about Tim Hetherington is getting a commercial run … oh, and I did a Top 5 of Greta Gerwig’s performances to accompany Glenn’s excellent cover interview. Still haven’t managed to catch Frances Ha, though.

Oh, and I took a quick look at this year’s Italian Contemporary Film Festival, because that’s also happening this week. Seriously, it never ends.

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