In From the Cold

BrrrOkay, so yesterday it was twenty degrees, and today it’s two and there’s snow blowing around. We are through the looking-glass here, people.

If the weather has you huddled in your basement, waiting for the snowpocalypse to finally claim us once and for all, I can offer you a little light reading. The premise of Oblivion led me to an MSN Movies Gallery on Last Man on Earth-type pictures, and over at NOW’s website I’ve got a Q&A with screenwriter, director and living legend Paul Schrader, who’s coming to the Royal Sunday night to screen a clip from his new movie The Canyons, introduce Sony’s digital restoration of Taxi Driver and then sit down with the guys from The Seventh Art for an extended conversation.

Assuming we haven’t all frozen to death by then, of course. I’m choosing to be optimistic.

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