I’m Just Not Feeling It

And yet, this film is rated PG-13Remember how “Feel the Noise” wasn’t screened for the press? Well, turns out there was a pretty good reason for that: It’s awful.

But hey, at least it didn’t dominate the weekend box office, which means no one will rush to produce a sequel. And neither did “The Heartbreak Kid”, which suggests that audiences are finally tiring of Ben Stiller’s humiliation comedies … though I’d rush to blame the movie’s failure on the abysmal marketing campaign, which kept Michelle Monaghan entirely off-camera and made it look like the movie was about a guy who goes on the honeymoon from hell. I mean, it’s sort of true in this version, but it’s not really a fair summary of the material.

But really, America … “The Game Plan”? Two weeks running? Is your nation that hard up for laughter?