If You Build It …

Well, there you go. “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax” was a goddamn monster this weekend, grossing an estimated $70.7 million — yes, that’s right, $70.7 million — and  demonstrating that (a) people will still go out to the movies if there’s something they want to see, (b) the 3D craze ain’t dead yet, (c) we’re going to see a feeding frenzy on children’s books in the next three months, as studios rush to snap up the next potential blockbuster and (d) Billy Crystal will call a press conference shortly to claim credit for the box-office windfall, because he spent all of last Sunday night exhorting people to go see movies in theatres.

I’m not sure he wanted them all to go see the same movie, though. Kinda sends the wrong message.

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