I Need to Wake Up

Travolta reacts to the newsVariety reports that Tim Allen has just signed on to David Mamet’s new movie.

Intriguing, and not without potential. (Think of Steve Martin in “The Spanish Prisoner”.) And Allen’s limitations as an actor might even become strengths in a Mamet project; you don’t need too much range to make his dialogue sing. The text does the work for you.

But then there’s this: The project, “Redbelt”, casts Allen as an action-movie star who befriends a genuine jiu-jitsu master who’s been corrupted by the movie business.

It’s like he’s trying to mount “Rush Hour” as a drama.

On the upside, Chiwetel Ejiofor, who has yet to be bad or unconvincing in anything, plays the jiu-jitsu master. Which is almost as weird a casting coup as Tim Allen playing an action-movie star.

Please tell me this an elaborate joke. A hoax designed to wrest attention away from the opening ceremonies at Cannes and back to the depravity of American movie production. I mean, that’s got to be the explanation for this.

Seriously. It’s just got to.

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  1. Oh, I don’t know. I could picture Tim Allen playing a Steven Seagal type washed-up action star, the sort relegated to direct-to-video cheapies. All he needs to do is put on a few pounds, wave his arms around lazily, and act like a conceited prick. I’m sure Allen could manage that much.

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