Mmm, mmm, marketingEven with Daylight Savings ending locally here, the difference in London means I’ll be out at another screening when the weekend’s final box-office numbers are released.

Still, I think we can assume “Saw IV” wins the week, if its sizable Friday take is any indication; the only other national challenger is “Dan in Real Life”, and given the Halloween mentality, I can’t imagine it’s at the top of anyone’s must-see list.

Speaking of “Saw IV”, I saw the movie last night at a midnight screening in Leicester Square — which was an experience in itself — and, well, it is what it is: A feature-length celebration of preposterous torture and Kabuki-level suffering, tarted up with a patina of morality in order to be “about” something. But it’s not about anything at all, really, other than the resourcefulness of the production designer and the makeup team.

The “Saw” films are profoundly unnecessary contributions to horror cinema, and I’m really, really tired of the constant retconning required to find new traps and strategies for each new movie. Yeah, great, Jigsaw has a new acolyte. I’m still bored.