Good Show, Old Sport

Despite being an utterly facile and wrong-headed interpretation of the novel on which it’s based, Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby pulled in $51.1 million this weekend.

It still placed second to the behemoth that is Iron Man Three, which stayed in first with $72.5 million domestic and $89.3 internationally — and a cumulative global total of $949 million, which I believe puts it second only to The Avengers in Marvel Universe success stories.

I hear Warner’s retooling Kiss Kiss Bang Bang to be the story of the twin brother Tony Stark never knew he had. Which means Val Kilmer could one day play Moon Knight.

Actually, now that I’m thinking of it …

2 thoughts on “Good Show, Old Sport”

  1. That Jezebel link truly is genius. Truly.

    I also enjoyed this comment left by one of the readers:

    “Ain’t no party like a Gatsby party, ’cause a Gatsby party is a metaphor for the emptiness of the American dream.”

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