Focus. Stay Focused.

Short_Term_12It’s Friday, and movies are opening, so I must not look at my news feed. Must not … look … at news feed …

The Best Man Holiday: Hey, remember The Best Man? Me neither, but they made another one.

The Book Thief: The studio that brought you Life of Pi rolls out another craven literary adaptation that smothers interesting potentially rich themes under a coat of syrupy fabulism. Doesn’t fly this time.

Dear Mr. Watterson: Less a documentary about the man who gave us Calvin and Hobbes than a meander through his legacy, Joel Allen Schroeder’s feature-length fan letter takes a very long time to get to the good stuff. But that stuff is pretty good, so …

Geography Club: Queer teens find strength in numbers — and in secret — in this young-adult drama, which Glenn really enjoyed despite it not being a musical. (His words, not mine.)

How I Live Now: Saoirse Ronan mopes through a post-apocalyptic England in this TIFF debut, which lost all of its buzz about five minutes after the first press screening let out. Andy explains why.

Short Term 12: Days after its Toronto premiere at Rendezvous with Madness, Destin Daniel Cretton’s terrific character study rolls into a commercial run. It’s terrific (and so is Brie Larson). Go see it.

When Jews Were Funny:  Alan Zweig’s documentary shocked us by winning the Best Canadian Feature prize at TIFF, but Susan is still on the fence about it. So am I.

There. Done. Now, what mischief will those wacky Ford boys get up to today?

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