Entertainment for Shut-Ins

Well, ten movies are opening in Toronto today … just as large public gatherings officially become a really bad idea. Surely a few of them will be available on demand.

Bloodshot: Vin Diesel, zombie soldier superhero dude.

The Booksellers: New York’s rare-books subculture, revealed.

Extra Ordinary: Bone-dry Irish supernatural comedy. Delightful.

First Cow: Kelly Reichardt’s latest. An American classic. [Rad]

Hope Gap: Never let Annette Bening do accents.

The Hunt: Finally out! They needn’t have bothered.

I Still Believe: Christian music saves a singer’s soul.

My Spy: Kindergarten Cop 3.0; still no fun.

Red Snow: A somewhat thin Canadian war story.

The Whistlers: Porumboiu’s latest: A cheeky neo-noir.

I also took a look at The Plot Against America, which premieres on HBO this coming Monday. It’s very good. And it’ll be nice to have something to watch while we’re all barricaded in our homes.

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