Do You Hear the Hobbits Sing?

Okay, technically it’s the dwarves who do all the singing in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey but whatever; more moviegoers turned out for them than for Jean Valjean and the merry miscreants of Les Miserables over the weekend. Pulling down $32.9 million in its third weekend of release, Peter Jackson’s epic made more than Tom Hooper’s epic in its debut frame — and more than Quentin Tarantino’s, too, which is kind of a shocker.

Django Unchained placed second with $30.7 million; Les Miserables was third, with $28 million. That’s a pretty close race, suggesting the audiences broke pretty evenly down the middle … and I suppose I’m not surprised that Tarantino fans and stage-musical fans don’t have a lot of crossover.

That said, I’d genuinely love to see QT and Jamie Foxx take a run at Porgy & Bess some day …

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