Couldn’t Happen to a Nicer Guy

tn-1000_bwwprisionerswm2002612The Quebec director Denis Villeneuve has a bunch of awards (including back-to-back Best Canadian Film prizes from the TFCA) and an Oscar nomination, and now he finally has a box-office hit.

Prisoners, his Hollywood debut, ruled the box office this weekend with an entirely respectable $21.4 million haul — sure, it’s not quite half what Insidious Chapter 2 made last weekend, but it totally counts. Besides, people actually seem to like PrisonersInsidious Chapter 2 slid down to second this week with a piddly $14.5 million, while The Family limped into third with $7 million.

Oh, and Warner’s IMAX 3D reissue of The Wizard of Oz made $3 million despite being entirely unnecessary. So I guess now we can look forward to Gone with the Wind: The IMAX 3D Smell-O-Vision Experience this time next year, huh?

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