Christmas, Again

Behold, the last wave of holiday movies! Which means the year is almost over! Which means nothing, in the larger sense, but symbolically it’s nice.

Little Women: Greta Gerwig reinvents Alcott, rather splendidly. [Glenn]

1917: Mendes’ war film? One-take pony. [Rad]

The Song of Names: Another ponderous post-Holocaust drama, hooray.

Spies in Disguise: Animated action comedy gets moderate laughs. [Rad]

Uncut Gems: The Safdies level up. Be anxious. [Rad]

And I also reviewed the second season of Lost in Space, which is exactly like the first season in that it comes so close to working that you’ll be really annoyed when it doesn’t.

Anyway, merry happy whatever. Eat something you enjoy, that always works for me. And here’s my list of the year’s best movies, which I somehow forgot to post earlier. Sorry about that!

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