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Sweet, Sweary Sixteen

This week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie may be our funniest to date. It’s certainly the one with the most laughter, since Marilla Wex has what I can best describe as a hair-trigger giggle, and it proves infectious as we talk about Matthew Vaughn’s somewhat self-aware Bond sendup Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Please do check it out, whether by iTunes or Stitcher or direct downloadery. I promise you’ll be laughing too.

Fourteen, For A Start

AriGosling It’s a special week for listeners of Someone Else’s Movie, who’ll be enjoying not one but two full-length episodes of the podcast. I mean, why not?

Today, Orphan Black‘s Ari Millen brings Henry Bean’s 2001 psychodrama The Believer into the basement, bringing an actor’s focus (and some interesting personal history) to what might have been a problematic title. Check it out, won’t you?

iTunes. Stitcher. Direct download. Pick your delivery mechanism, they’re all solid.


Benson and Moorhead AlmostFamousI’m starting to experience that thing where publicists reach out to get people on Someone Else’s Movie. I think that’s a sign that the show’s getting some traction — or possibly that I’m just bugging everyone about it often enough that they’re throwing potential guests at me so I’ll stop.

This week, it’s Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, the guys behind the excellent monster romance Spring, discussing Cameron Crowe’s Oscar-winning 2000 cinematic memoir Almost Famous, which I love just as much as they do. (We recorded when they came through town a few weeks ago, before any of us had the chance to see Aloha. Trust me, that’s for the best.)

iTunes. Stitcher. Direct download. Enjoy.


faithdraw 3632_5If I’m being honest, this week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie was really just an excuse to talk to Faith Erin Hicks in person about stuff, instead of geeking out back and forth on Twitter.

If I’m being really honest, though, it was because Faith chose Tremors as the movie she wanted to champion, and who wouldn’t want to talk about that? So off I went for the first remote recording of the show — I think the sound is okay, but please let me know if you don’t — and the resulting episode can be found right here, and also on iTunes and Stitcher.

Oh, and I almost forgot: I’m on someone else’s podcast this week, too! Matt Price invited me to pick a horror movie for his show, Let’s Scare Matthew Price to Death, and I went with Alien because, well, no point in half-measures. That episode went up earlier this week, and you should listen to it. It’s good!

Ten! Great Success!

kivaborat-posterWell, Someone Else’s Movie tips into the double digits today — and into a little more social engagement than usual, I guess — with a brand-new episode in which my actual friend Kiva Reardon takes a deep dive into the transgressive madness that is Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Larry Charles did something great with this movie, and almost a decade later Kiva will help you understand exactly how great that something was. I’m just along for the ride, really.

You can get it on iTunes and Stitcher, or straight from the source. Is nice! You like!

Episode Nine: Theatrical Tie-In

lindsayratcatcher dvdThis week on Someone Else’s Movie, writer-director Lindsay MacKay — whose first feature Wet Bum opens at the Lightbox on Friday — chose to talk about Lynne Ramsay’s 1999 drama Ratcatcher. 

The result, in my entirely unbiased opinion, is an interesting dig into Ramsey’s aesthetics and MacKay’s own approach to impressionistic treatments of emotional stories. Maybe listen and see if you agree?

You know how this works: iTunes, Stitcher, direct download. Enjoy!

Episode Eight: The Eightening

012Elan+Mastai_AdaptedScreenplay_EvanNing-676x450HonoredThis week on Someone Else’s Movie, Elan Mastai — screenwriter of The F Word as well as Alone in the Dark and The Samaritan — brings Noah Baumbach’s Kicking and Screaming into the basement for an hour of reflection and appreciation.

As a big fan of Baumbach’s myself, I was happy to get the chance to reach that far back into his career. Here’s hoping you enjoy the resulting conversation, too.

As per always, you can find the show on iTunes and Stitcher, or download the episode right here. Please do! It’s lonely sitting all by itself on the server!

Episode Seven

3958902423001_videoStillImage2012_CTEK_August_PlanesTrains_613x463… no, not The Force Awakens, but a brand new episode of Someone Else’s Movie!

This week, Toronto Star food columnist Corey Mintz — who worked on some movies when he was younger and thus totally qualifies as a guest, so shut up — looks at an old favorite: John Hughes’ Planes, Trains & Automobiles. It’s a film I’ve taken it for granted for the last quarter-century or so, which made for an interesting conversation.

As always, you can find the episode on iTunes and Stitcher, or download it directly right here. And pour one out for good ol’ Del Griffith when you have a chance.

Episode Six!

DS-2012-wall-shot-465x465 Short-Term12_1I’m going to have to come up with a new way of tagging these, I think. But the latest episode of Someone Else’s Movie is indeed the sixth one, and I like where it goes.

My guest this week is Stephanie Belding, late of Remedy, and she chose Destin Daniel Cretton’s complex, moving ensemble piece Short Term 12 … a film I’m always happy to put back out into the world. (Here’s my NOW interview with Cretton, if you’re curious.)

Episode Six is available right now on iTunes and Stitcher, or you can download or stream it right here. Please enjoy! And even if you don’t want to listen to a podcast, check out Short Term 12 anyway. It’s great.

Episode Five!

Kristian-Bruun-2-300x239Multi-Pass-the-fifth-element-1742871-516-271Tuesday brings a shiny new episode of Someone Else’s Movie to your ear-holes — or at least to your podcast software of choice.

This week, my guest is Orphan Black‘s Kristian Bruun, who’s championing Luc Besson’s unapologetically goony sci-fi adventure The Fifth Element. You guys are going to get tired of hearing me say how delighted I am by the unpredictability of my guests’ choices, but what can I say? It’s the truth.

Anyway, this was a fun episode. You can find it right now on iTunes and Stitcher, or get it straight from the website. So do that! And enjoy it!

Also, Orphan Black‘s third season starts this Saturday on Space. It’s a great show and Bruun is terrific in it, so it was, like, triply wonderful to have him on the podcast. Go #CloneClub!