Boo. Roasted.

ConjuringThe Conjuring demonstrated that a good marketing campaign — and the promise of something really creepy — is all you really need to open a movie. James Wan’s mechanical horror movie grossed $41.5 million this weekend, dethroning Despicable Me 2 and zooming past fellow newbies RED 2 and R.I.P.D., which opened in fifth and seventh place with $18.5 million and $12.76 million, respectively.

DM2 earned $25 million in its third week of release, which was more than enough to take second place — and enough to stay ahead of the month’s other  CG animated family film, Turbo, which opened with $21.5 million to place third. Grown Ups 2 took fourth place with $20 million, and Pacific Rim dropped to seventh with a little less than $16 million.

And yes, this is why we can’t have nice things.

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