Blood Makes Noise, Or at Least Money

An actual saw? What a twist!As everyone expected, “Saw 3D” clamped down hard on the Halloween weekend; as perhaps fewer people expected, it did so with a three-day gross of just $24 million, which has to be disappointing in the wake of last week’s $41.5 million opening for “Paranormal Activity 2”.

Still, after the feeble opening of “Saw VI” last year — a film so unnecessary I actually forgot I’d seen it in a theatre — this constitutes a rebound for the series, which had teased the possibility that this one would be the final chapter. Now … well, it’s anybody’s guess. Can Lionsgate walk away from a relatively inexpensive franchise that’s still popular?

And, on a more relevant note, are there any characters left standing at the end of “Saw 3D”, or is everyone in pieces by the time the curtain comes down? I haven’t seen it yet, you understand …

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