Autumn, Overloaded

And here we are in October again, with a dozen movies opening every week and all those film festivals. What did I do to deserve this? I’m genuinely asking.

At First Light: Teen girl gets superpowers. In Canada!

Becoming Burlesque: Toronto woman embraces dance, finds herself.

The Hate U Give: YA novel becomes decent message movie. [Glenn; also, not opening until next week apparently!]

Let the Corpses Tan: Sweaty cops, sweatier robbers, Italiano style.

Matangi/Maya/M.I.A.: Think you know M.I.A.? Maybe think again. [Rad]

93Queen: Hasidic women EMTs in Brooklyn rule. [Susan]

The Old Man and the Gun: Robert Redford, gentleman outlaw? Diminishing returns.

The Sisters Brothers: A Western with a mournful quality.

A Star Is Born: When it’s real, you know it.

Venom: Spidey’s Poochie goes solo, is awful.

Honestly, you can have a pretty good weekend if you just focus on The Sisters Brothers and A Star Is Born. And maybe catch the M.I.A. doc too.

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