A Gentleman’s Gentleman

Whenever I interview an actor, I make a little list of older titles I’d like to bring up, if time allows. For Michael Caine, that list ran to 20 films — among them “The Man Who Would Be King”, “The Ipcress File”, “The Italian Job”, “Hannah And Her Sisters”, “Last Orders”, both versions of “Get Carter” and “The Muppet Christmas Carol” — and, incredibly, we touched on most of those during our twelve-minute phone conversation. (Also “The Swarm”, if you can believe it.)

The interview that runs in this week’s NOW focuses mostly on his work with Christopher Nolan, and specifically on “The Dark Knight Rises”. Space considerations and all that. But he was a delight to talk to, and hopefully I’ll get to speak with him again, at length, soon.

I also talked to Nestor Carbonell, who plays Gotham’s vaguely pissy mayor, when he came through town the other day for the Toronto premiere. Nice guy. (And not averse to a little superheroing himself, don’t you know.)

Also, yeah, “The Dark Knight Rises”. Here’s my review. Feel free to start a Facebook group about it.

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