A Death in the Family

So, some news.

Kate’s mother died last week after a very long hospital stay. Her kids were with her, and it was as peaceful as possible, and it was awful.

We’ve spent the last few days figuring out who we are if we’re not caregivers, and it turns out we’re not really sure. But we’re working on it.

Weirdly enough, the loss of a parent also figures in the movie Queen Tut, which is the film that brought Ryan Ali onto this week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie.

We recorded the episode months ago; synchronicity is a very odd thing. But now that Queen Tut has landed on Crave, just in time for Pride, it seemed like the right moment to put our conversation into the world — especially since Ryan chose another queer film, Daniel Levy’s Good Grief, for the show.

A drama about a man sent reeling by his husband’s sudden death, and the friends who drag him back to life, it’s maybe not the project people expected from Levy as the follow-up to his beloved Schitt’s Creek … but maybe  that’s the point. We talked about that, and a lot more besides.

You can find the podcast at the usual locations — Apple PodcastsGoogle PlaySpotify — or just download the episode directly from the web, and listen to it while sitting alone at a cafe, staring into the middle distance.

And then go catch up on Shiny Things! Which won’t be hard, given that all I managed to write about last week were the new releases of American Fiction and The Boys in the Boat.

And the other thing, of course. But even so.

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